CEO Enova

Do you want to contribute to a more sustainable and energy efficient society? Do you have what it takes to take a well-established Dutch company across Europe?

We are now looking for our new CEO. In this position, you will be responsible for the daily management and strategic development of the business, organization, and products. 
In-depth training on the job will be made available to help the new CEO to develop the necessary skills and know-how within the area. 

Enova, founded in 2005, is part of the listed company Vitec Software Group AB. We specialize in developing, delivering, and maintaining energy management software for large businesses as well as providing grid management services. The office is located in Capelle aan den IJssel.

The team of 16 highly skilled people consists of energy managers, developers, support, and sales/account managers.

About the position

Vitec Software Group has a decentralized approach, with all acquired companies remaining independent units within the group. You as the CEO of Enova will therefore have responsibility for P&L as well as strategic, tactical, and operational issues. Still, Vitec offers a network of colleagues in the Netherlands and northern Europe that have knowledge and experiences from similar businesses. A competitive renumeration package is included with the possibility of participating in Vitec shareholder program. 

Examples of what your job will include

  • Provide leadership to the management team and the entire organization.
  • Periodic review of the strategic plan, together with the management team, and ensuring that the strategic objectives are translated into tactics and actions.
  • Manage business development, including argumentation on new products, new market exploration.
  • Set budget and targets, follow-up on the same.
  • Set development plans for all employees and plan future talent acquisition.
  • Manage contracts and accounts receivable.
  • Manage product development process, from early ideas to actual roll out.
  • Act as interface to customers and the market.

You will report to a Vice President Operations (VPO), who acts as a bridge between Enova and Vitec Software Group.

About you

The ideal candidate is intelligent, curious, results-oriented, committed, has great analytical skills, and loves to grow, both in the business as well as from a personal perspective. You are self-confident, allowing you to also have an open mind about the value of other people’s opinions and ideas.

We are looking for someone who is a credible and reliable teambuilder who, together with the management team and employees, can lead the next phase of the company. As a leader, you are present, inspire confidence and you strongly believe in creating success together with the employees through good communication and a collaborative climate.

Given our industry, it is important that you have a good technical understanding and/or interest in the area to be able to quickly understand our customers’ needs and how to translate those into profitable business. Since the company seeks to expand into other segments and international markets it is positive if you have international experience.

You – like us- have a strong entrepreneurial mindset combined with a commercial understanding of the importance of high quality delivery. You are motivated by finding ways to grow business in a profitable way through products and services that create value for our customers both today and tomorrow. In addition, we are looking for a role model of our values. Our company culture rests on a genuine focus on our products and the belief that collaboration and commitment favors fortune.
We want to keep things simple, and we act with transparency and trust. Of course, we hope you share this view with us.

The right candidate is fluent in Dutch and can also communicate freely and professionally in English. If you can communicate in German, it is an advantage.

Want to learn more?

If you have questions about the position or the process, please contact current CEO John Kruijt, +31 6 10 91 30 63 or VPO Kerstin Anderson, +46 73 325 00 04

We look forward to your application in English.

The application deadline is the 18th of February 2024.

About Enova

Dutch company Enova was founded in 2005 and is based in Capelle aan den IJssel. The company specializes in developing, delivering, and maintaining energy management software for large businesses and providing grid management services.

The company offers a complete energy management software package through its SaaS (Software As a Service) Energy Management Software (EMS). Additionally, Enova’s Grid Management Service (GMS) provides grid balancing services for transmission system operators, by pooling the reserves of its customers’ energy consumption and/or production units.

Enova currently has > 250 customers in the Netherlands, UK, and France. The GMS business has been growing rapidly due to the increasing need to balance power supply, while the EMS business has also seen steady growth. Enova’s net sales averaged € 28 mio over the fiscal years 2021 and 2022. The client base today is mainly in the Dutch horticultural sector.

In February 2023, Enova was acquired by Nasdaq Stockholm-listed Swedish company Vitec Software Group.7

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About Vitec in the Netherlands

Founded in 1985
Coworkers 1430
Turnover SEK 1 978 million
CEO Enova